If the brand name, Chrome Hearts doesn’t arouse your curiosity, try imagining frames described as brown bone, red crystal, or butterscotch tortoise. Chrome Hearts may not be a name that brings instant recognition in the field of eyewear, but once you’ve seen their distinctive styling you might suspect that these glasses come from the same creative minds behind the clothing and accessories label famed as the world’s “definitive rock & roll luxury brand”. And you would be right. Yep, that’s why each and every pair of Chrome Hearts glasses is way ahead of the curve when it comes to cool styles and optics.

If you’re in the market for crisp colors, high glamor or playful sophistication, there’s a pair of Chrome Hearts sunglasses waiting for you. And it’s not just about looking good on the beach or behind the wheel of your car, they’re available with gradient lenses and polarized to take care of dangerous glare. And you will never have to worry about fading into the background when you don your distance or reading glasses. Just the opposite – when you’re seen in Chrome Hearts Eyewear, crafted from exotic materials, accented with precious stones, exotic skin patterns, or of course, a gothic cross, people will assume you’re a jet setting member of the world of glam.

Whether you’re partial to aviators, cat’s eyes, or square frames, the same devotion to detail goes into not only the choice of materials and adornment, but also to every zip, stud, and fastening responsible for Chrome Hearts Eyewear long-wearing construction. In fact, so much care goes into placing each fleur-de-lys or each finely carved silver dagger into each multi-hued multi-layered acetate or white ebony trimmed frame, that it’s not unheard of for some Chrome Hearts sunglasses to take up to two years to be put together.

But worry not, here in Houston, Eye Elegance, Texas’s premier eyewear boutique you can peruse our extensive Chrome Hearts collection for just the right pair. And if you need help, our knowledgeable sales associates in both our Montrose and Post Oak locations can give you their opinions on what suits you best.

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