4 Things Our Sale Frames Can Help You With…

Posted On: May 18, 2015

Everybody loves new eyewear, but we know everyone loves new sale eyewear even more! Lucky for you, right now at Eye Elegance we have some fabulous pieces of eyewear on sale just for you. But what else is in it for you? Well… 1. You can finally get those prescription or non-prescription sunglasses you know […]

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You Might Be A Hipster…

Posted On: May 11, 2015

Over the past couple of years the term “hipster” has been thrown around a lot. You’ve probably seen a few stereotypical “hipsters” walking around the streets with their beards and skinny jeans. According to Urban Dictionary, hipsters are “a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive […]

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TAG Heuer: Avant-Garde Eyewear

Posted On: May 4, 2015

“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” – Grace Kelly We love eyewear, that’s a given, but what you might not know is that our favorite lines of glasses and sunglasses are the ones that stray off the beaten path. The ones that push boundaries and take what’s usual in the world of fashion, […]

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3 Reasons Athletes Should Wear Sunglasses

Posted On: April 27, 2015

This summer whether you’re a sailor, golfer, mountain biker, runner, baseball player or play another sport we hope you get outside and go your hardest, after all… practice makes perfect. However, before you hit the trials, make sure you’re geared up, most importantly with a quality pair of athletic sunglasses. Not sure why you need […]

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Shop With Heart This Spring

Posted On: April 20, 2015

If you have participated in past Shop With Heart events, then you know how much of an impact this fundraiser can have on the community. If you haven’t taken part before, this April 24 – May 3 is the perfect time to do so. As they say, “One card. Ten days. Countless lives saved.” Purchase a […]

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Thank You for Visiting our Lindberg Trunk Show!

Posted On: April 13, 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out to our exclusive, 2-day Lindberg Trunk Show this past Friday and Saturday, including our wonderful Lindberg Rep Jaime! We hope you left feeling more like yourself than ever. If you weren’t able to make it to this Trunk Show, here are some photos of all of the fantastic […]

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Lindberg Trunk Show at Eye Elegance

Posted On: April 6, 2015

Lindberg eyewear isn’t for everyone. A person who wears Lindberg has an eye for great design and high-quality materials. As Lindberg would say these frames “tell the world you subscribe to a different way of thinking.” Each piece of eyewear in Lindberg’s collection is a work of art unto itself. With a unique blend of attention to detail, […]

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Four Reasons to Love Trunk Shows

Posted On: March 30, 2015

Why should you love going to eyewear trunk shows? We have four excellent reasons: 1. Lots of Options! With so many amazing designer collections, there’s just not enough space for boutiques to keep every style in every color from every collection in stock. This is where the “trunks” come in. From time to time our representatives bring […]

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Coming Soon To Eye Elegance…

Posted On: March 24, 2015

  You might have noticed recently our shelves were looking a little more bare than usual following The Frame Sale. Don’t worry, that’s because we’re clearing up space for fantastic new styles & collections for the spring & summer of 2015! In fact, this past weekend we had the pleasure of jetting off to New […]

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New York Vision Expo… Here We Come!

Posted On: March 16, 2015

For those of you who are as passionate about designer eyewear as we are, you probably already know that the 2015 International Vision Expo & Conference in New York City is this week. But for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, twice every year (in March and September) optometry, vision and […]

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