Trendwatch: Eyewear Lens Hues Making News

One of the hottest trends in eyewear has jumped straight off the couture runway and onto the fashion pages of every magazine from Vogue to The New York Times Style Magazine—lenses in every hue, often seated in throwback vintage frames. The result is bold but wearable, with modern and retro appeal.

In addition to looking sharp, tinted lenses can actually enhance vision. Let’s take a look at some of the colors of the rainbow that will have you seeing and looking your best.

Rose-Colored Glasses are A Thing


Our Valentine’s Day blog offered up several suggestions for how to see the world through rose-colored glasses, including options from Lindberg, Cartier, and Etnia Barcelona.

Pink lenses can reduce eyestrain by improving visual depth, and adjusting contrast. Rose-colored lenses offer improved road visibility, making them a good choice for cyclists and drivers.

Versatile & Classic: Amber Lenses

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Amber is one of the most popular tints for sunglasses, owing to its ability to block blue light and improve visibility in cloudy conditions. Versatile in many weather conditions, amber lenses are recommended for all manner of outdoor activities, from golfing to fishing to driving.

Seeing Green

Green lenses are great for all weather conditions and all outdoor activities, thanks to their ability to reduce glare and brighten shadows for all-around improved visual contrast. It might surprise you to learn that green lenses have minimal color distortion, making them a great all-purpose option for every day.

Gray Lenses for True Color

TD LE 57161

It may seem counterintuitive, but gray or ‘smoke’ colored lenses offer true color perception making them another excellent all-purpose choice for sunny or overcast days. Decreased glare reduces eye fatigue, enhancing overall eye health.


Skiers and aviators love yellow lenses, which provide enhanced clarity in low-light conditions like fog. Although there is some color distortion, yellow lenses filter out blue light waves that can affect the ability to focus, while improving depth perception.

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